Would you like to go hiking while on holiday in Uganda. Uganda has several mountains and hills that can offer a challenge to those who would like to raise their adrenaline. From simple hills of Kampala to towering peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, a lot await you if you are to visit in Uganda. If your interest is in the challenging mountain trekking tours in Uganda, there are various mountains that are stunning!  These include;

The Rwenzori Hike

The Rwenzori is the third highest mountain in Africa. Its Magherita Peak is the fourth highest peak towering to 5109meters above sea level. To hikers, the Rwenzori poses a challenging hike to those who would like to reach the Magherita Peak. The common Rwenzori Central Circuit Trail takes a minimum of 7 days. For beginners, there are day hikes to 3 day treks on the foothills of the Ruwenzori mountains.

Elgon Hike– This is another kind of hike that one can enjoy during his stay in Uganda. This is located in the Eastern part of the country. This trail twists and turns as you climb up the steep mountain which has an enormous variety of plants and flowers. This walk is unique with many Giant Heather trees creating a beautiful atmosphere often shrouded in mist. The walk turns boggy particularly in the wet season but with a little skill you can step from tussock to tussock to make the going easier.

Mt Moroto Hike– This is also another interesting hike that you can’t afford missing on your hike visit to Uganda. There is wide variety of plant species from forest trees to bamboos thickets as you enter the Bamboo Zone which is steep climb with many high steps. In the wet season the bamboo zone is rather muddy and slippery making the going slow but not so bad if you are fit. However the atmosphere and the forest is fantastic as you climb.

Mt Muhabura– This hike takes place in the South-Eastern part of the country and it can be climbed from either Ugandan side or Rwandan side.However,whic ever side you climb it from,the hike is tantalizing and it will keep your adrenalin flowing throughout the hike. This climb offers a chance to gaze at the amazing flora and fauna plus the masmerising undulating land scape surrounding this mountain.


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