Family Safaris in Uganda

Safari with kids is fun if well planned, below we give you tips on how best to enjoy your Uganda safari with kids, it’s always advisable to opt for safari at least with a child above 7 years with less lullabies and can read and understand the journey, they are easier to explain the hustle of travel and be a little patient. Some of the tips are;

Be creative, with kids you need to think out of the box of what may excite them, ask them of their expectation while on safari and work out to bring out the best of it. Think of a game drive and later relaxing alongside the pool and swimming, therefore we would recommend an accommodation facility that is child friendly and meet all the requirements.

Brief the kid about the safari, introduce them to wildlife books and mostly likely animals they will be able to spot to awaken their awareness, provide them extra equipment to use like binoculars to spot far wild species and bird

Hire a private car, kids tend to have fuss in public means, therefore all one needs is to hire a private car with the driver, this will save you from long stops that will test your child’s patience. Private cars also give children comfort, privacy and are not limited from expressing themselves.

Be Adventurous, Uganda at most has ten national parks with a mix of touristic features from wild life, birds, crater lakes, waterfalls and any others. Most of these are child friendly that offer interesting boat rides fro both children and adults, children will be able to enjoy close sighting of some of the aquatic wild life species as well as spot numerous bird species. Children like to go camping, so they will most probably enjoy the tented camp lodging that is available near most of the national parks.

One could also visit Jinja at the source of the Nile, a lot more of the children friendly activities happen like horse riding, white water rafting and enjoying the sunset on the cruise.

packing, family safari become more interesting when you have all you need all together, remember to pack light clothing for the kids otherwise heat may be your night mare, grab their favorite eats and drinks, gadgets for their games. Lastly ensure to visit their doctor to rule out no infection and pack some antibiotics for arising emergencies.



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