Best Places where Expats hangout in Kampala



I would love some contact with expats/foreigners. I know there are places where they congregate. Could I get some info? I speak English, Spanish and passable French, I am a seasonal DJ, I play the piano and saxophone (I can teach these as well) and I am a music producer in Boston, quite liberal, outdoorsy and might set up a music studio.

I would love to meet some folk and interact and get a feel of Kampala from different perspectives. I would appreciate contact and how to meet in a social setting.

there are quite some nice places to meet the expats /foreigners and Ugandans too. See more on Kampala’s night life and bars here.

Here are some expat hangouts I would recommend;

Bubble O’Leary – this replica of an Irish pub in Uganda is fun; good music, nice pub grub and stays open until the early hours of the morning.

Rock Garden at the Speke Hotel in Kampala – ideal place for the weekend.

Capital pub in Kabalagala – this will surely take you by surprise (probably good to save it for last). It is a vibrant bar and night spot that will entertain you all night long. Quite a good number of expats find this place irresistible. Open seven days a week.

Steak-Out in Nakasero, Kampala – probably not common with expats but good place to meet up Ugandan friends. Very lively on Friday and Saturday nights.

Just Kicking Sports bar, Kisementi. More than a bar, runs a good restaurant as well.

Lion bar at the Sheraton Hotel, Kampala.

You will certainly find other places that expats are fond of – this list is long and you will love the night clubs too.


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