Kiira Vehicles: Cars Made in Uganda


Quite fairly I thought I should jot down something to update you on the impressive progress of the ‘KIIRA’project. Fast forward from 2011 … the ‘Kiira EV‘ has since evolved into ‘Kiira EV Smack‘ – a 5-seater edition lauched in 2014 that runs on a 1.8cc ecotech hybrid petrol engine and a high voltage battery. Projection is that the final model will be ready by 2018 – quite enough time for you to place your order!

 Kiira EV Smack – Hybrid Car

Kayola – the Solar Powered Bus

A few years on, the ambition has even grown bigger; Uganda launched the first ever and only Africa’s first solar-powered bus in 2016 – YES! You heard me right, the first of its kind made in Uganda. Dubbed ‘Kayola‘ which literally means ‘mass carrier’, the 35-seater bus is produced by Kiira Motors Cooperation – the same company behind the Kiira EV versions.

Agriculture, Energy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Health, Transport and Logistics are the sectors that have taken centre stage in progression and innovation of technology in Uganda.


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