Mini Guide to Uganda

Guide to Uganda, The Pearl of Africa

First hand, practical information about Uganda is quite hard to find …and particularly on the web. Since I started this website, I receive quite a good number of emails with questions on general issues about traveling to Uganda … and many of these come up again and again ….

Those questions are all addressed and answered somewhere on the website, but who has the time to read through over 400 pages on the web…

Here is a complete Guide to Uganda which is intended to address such worries; to help people who are thinking about a trip to Uganda. It’s a printable guide that is packed with real information.

Quickly learn about the climate in Uganda, about the wonderful people, about all the popular destinations and tourist attractions, safety & security and a lot more … Just fill in your details below and download your FREE Copy of My Mini-Guide to Uganda straight away!

Don’t worry, there is no catch with this offer. I enjoy sharing what I know about my country, which has made this website so popular that I sometimes just can’t keep up with the enquiries.

I hope that you will find it useful, too!


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