Murchison Falls National Park

Welcome to Uganda’s largest conservation area and also the country’s great wildlife safari destination. When you visit Murchison Falls National Park you will never forget the sight of world’s strongest waterfalls created by the Nile as it winds through the park’s palm dotted savannah, woodlands, swamps and forests. The park is named after the mighty “Murchison Falls”- claimed to be the world’s strongest waterfall.

The Murchison Falls National park established in 1926 as a game reserve covers an area of 3893 sq km and is situated in the north western part of Uganda about 5 hours drive from Kampala city.

Murchison Falls National Park encompasses different habitats including Nile-Albert delta swamps, palm dotted savannah, grasslands, woodlands, tropical forests and river Nile.

The River Nile, which is without doubt the longest and most beautiful rivers in the world, bisects the park into northern and southern part where it forms the spectacular Murchison waterfalls.

The park supports a diversity and concentration of wildlife including 79 different species of mammals and about 451 species of birds.

Things to Do in Murchison Falls National Park

The River Nile launch trips in Murchison Falls waterfalls 

River Nile makes game viewing in Murchison Falls National park a unique experience. Boat trips take you into River Nile starting at the park’s tourism hub, Paara. The launch trips on the Nile starts at Para and are the best way to see thousands of hippos, reptiles including Nile crocodiles. The Nile is particularly photogenic spot in Murchison falls with the bottom of the falls, herds of elephants and buffaloes that come to drink along the shores, colorful birds.

Murchison Falls

Along with the wildlife, the Murchison waterfalls are a must visit attraction while in Murchison Falls National Park. The waterfalls are created by the Nile as it plunges over 45 meters rift valley to form what’s known as the devils cauldron beneath. Visitors can view the falls from the boat cruise or hiking to the cliff on the top of the falls. Standing on top of the falls Murchison Waterfalls offers amazing photographic opportunities. The images of the trade mark rainbow mist and placid stretches of the Nile captured here are famous all over the world.

Hot Air Baloon

Murchison falls offers many wildlife adventure activities including hot air balloon safari rides. With hot air balloon safari is simply breathtaking you will experience the scenic beauty of the Murchison falls lush savannah, the Nile waters, swamps and the waterfalls. The balloon safari lasts for 3 hours and includes a champagne and breakfast in the bush.

How to get to Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison falls national park is easily accessible by 4-5 hours drive from Kampala city. Travelling by road 4 *4 safari vehicle is required. Although you can get there quickly by charter plane taking less than an hour.