How to Open a Bank Account in Uganda


What are the requirements to open a bank account in Uganda? Are there any special requirements?

There are no special requirements. The requirements are pretty much the same as you would find else where; you will need your passport with a valid visa for identification or….

…. If you are already a permanent resident, you will need your driving license or identity card. To accompany these, you will require a recommendation letter from your employer or local council chairman and or a copy of your utility bill.

For some, you will also need a letter of introduction – this will usually be from someone who already banks with the same bank and has been with them for a substantial period.

Find out what the minimum deposit (minimum balance) is – depending on which account you want to open. This is an essential requirement that you will need to fulfill.

And then of course you will need to fill out one of their account opening forms and sign it before you return it. Beauty is that, with some of the banks, you can now down load the form off their website – which saves you from having to pick it up from one of their branches.

Don’t forget to carry some passport photos – They might usually require 3 or more. And remember to write your names and sign on the reverse of the photos.

An immigration lawyer can likely open an account for you if you want one before you get here. There will be a fee for it, of course.

….and your account should be up and running in not so long!


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