Technology in Uganda


Technology in Uganda – hmm! Perhaps you are already thinking of the ‘made in Uganda‘ tag. That would be awesome! … but wait a minute! You might have already seen some stuff from Uganda on the international market.

Save for the innovation and technology, for starters, you need to try ‘Good African Coffee‘ if you haven’t already – That brand and taste will drive you straight into technology in Uganda. (not a bad way to start your day with the true taste of coffee … and from Uganda!).

Chatting with a friend from Denmark in 2002 he said; … and I quote…’technology in Uganda is fast advancing, I don’t know where to place its IT in relation to the west, perhaps it’s still in the early ’90s‘ … counting on, that is more than 10 years. What do you think has happen? Uganda is no German – of course! … but our brands are very much improved and close to our hearts.

According to a study conducted by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US, Uganda has been ranked among the top cream of countries with advanced technology and innovation capabilities in Africa. Uganda is only second to South Africa and followed by Madagascar.

… And not just for the headlines, a lot of this success is down to the Universities and tertiary institutions that have fully embraced information technology.

The global picture is even more encouraging – Uganda is among the 82 world nations which have advanced technological and innovation capabilities. Much of this is measured based on the relative standing on technology, innovation, human capital development and economic competitiveness.

It’s easy to see why generally the Ugandan economy has been on a progressive trend over the years – at least for the past 20 or so years. Quite significantly, a lot of emphasis has been placed on research and development investment in science and engineering which are big players in the advancement of technology in Uganda.

On the HIV/AIDS medical research front, Uganda is a pioneer in Africa. For the last 20 years, Uganda has undertaken a multidisciplinary research into HIV/AIDS that has involved activities ranging from scientific laboratory research, clinical studies to social sciences.

The results are promising! … and particularly with the ever positive progress of technology in Uganda, the first vaccine trials were carried out way back in 1999 – the first of many that have followed since as they continue with finding a highly effective AIDS vaccine.

… And with such development in Meditech (medical Information technology), Uganda started producing its own medicine – particularly anti-malarials and antiretrovirals (ARVs) used to treat HIV. Plans to roll out antibiotics in the coming months and years are underway.

Talking about engineering, did you know that; Uganda launched its first electric car off the production line in 2011? Yes! Uganda. The two-seater vehicle called Kiira EV runs on rechargeable lithium batteries instead of petrol.

Crafted out of the young brains at the College of Engineering Design, Art and Technology at Makerere University – Kampala, the Kiira EV can attain a speed of 100km/h and cover 80km (50 miles) before it needs recharging (that’s quite impressive!)

Believe you, me, the orders are flying in; If you need a special version of the Kiira EV, – no worries, I will let you know what the cost is, keep it here!

… Therefore, if you are thinking of investing in Uganda; starting your own business – If I may, these would be the key areas I would recommend. There are certainly potential benefits in investing in these areas.

You will be pleased when you find the ‘made in Uganda‘ brand! Technology in Uganda is on the move and such is the innovation in Uganda.


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