Travel Guide

Booking a Flight

If you were lucky with finding a cheap flight to Uganda, then go ahead and choose the right tour and travel agency to guide you through your expedition but better still- for the cheaper option, you could organize with a group of friends to visit some of these places – I guess this would greatly spice up your Ugandan holiday.


Be sure to do your immigration nitty-gritty’s properly – I don’t want you to get into problems with the authorities. Do thorough home work before you travel and get all the relevant information about the places and activities for your trip.

Driving in Uganda

Driving in Uganda is exciting and is surely the best way to enjoy the wildlife and scenic beaut of the country side. Check the maps and  guides section for some maps of Uganda, specific areas as well as maps of major towns. Driving in Uganda is on the left side. If you have a recognized and valid license, you can drive up to 90 days with out applying for a Ugandan or International license. Visitors with out experience of African roads are advised to organize a vehicle with an experienced driver rather self drive.

Despite regional variations, the rainy seasons are usually in the months of March – April and October – November. During these periods many of the roads become impassable. Also when in the National Parks and game reserves four wheel drive vehicles are recomended.

Check out some our recommended tour operators that provide experienced drivers as well as well maintained 4×4 vehicles.

Be warned: Uganda is a major transit route for heavy trucks going to and from Southern Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.Be cautious when over taking these trucks as they are bigger and may not see you.