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Many people use car hire service in Uganda to attend to different obligations like family travel holiday vacations, safari tours, business trips and dating. Many of these have had good experiences with the services while others had the terrible experience due to problems that come up while using the car hire services. Are you looking to hiring a car? Whether you are looking to short term or long term car rental in Uganda, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid. Some of the problems usually don’t occur shortly, they happen due to some mistakes the customers make on any care hire services. Below are the general mistakes made by the customers while hiring vehicles in Uganda;

Some of the clients don’t read the terms and conditions of the vehicle agreement carefully; this is a problem as most people find it very boring and so hectic to read these white papers documents. Some of the people don’t miss out on certain important sections in these agreements like the early return, limited mileage and the fuel refilling of which when violated might mead to the customer paying premium fines. In order to avoid these costs on your car hire services, read the white document so carefully and ask questions as well.

Many of the car hire customers don’t check the physical and mechanical condition of the car. Sometimes while on their safari, they might end up getting mechanic breakdown and thus getting tired. It’s always good to use something after checking its general condition and this applies to the vehicles. Before you start your drive, look at the interior and the exterior of the car and find out if there are no dents, damages as well as scratches. Also make sure that you take the car for road testing.

Some of the clients do not make enough internet search for best car rental services. Some customers just go by the first car hire company that they come across on the internet and yet some of these companies are charging a lot of money. Always take an extra mile and look at other car hire companies and make a comparison to get the best car deal in Uganda.

Some of the clients only search for car hire services on the internet other go offline and do some research. The website car hire companies don’t update their information and the client might go with that yet the companies have got promotional services that have not been uploaded on the internet. It’s always good to also visit the car hire offices and check out the services they offer. You might end up getting some discounts.

Renting a car at the Airport; the most common car rental mistake includes making arrangements in an airport. This might be very convenient for the travelers but these are so expensive than on other places. This is because renting and operating business space at the airport is expensive and that cost must be passed onto customers.

Failing to work out a pricing structure; the car rental companies tend to reward longer keeps and many have a weekly rate that works out to be cheaper. Always check the available rates to determine the best rental period. Don’t look at your need for a car and then book for that time frame. Some Fuel costs go hand-in-hand with this approach. Some companies will give you a full tank, and expect the same upon return, but others will give you a car with a half-tank of gas and ask you to bring it back at the same level. Failing to do so could cost money. You’ll either pay a steep refueling penalty or you’ll donate gasoline to the company. And sometimes there’s a plan that requires you to pay for gasoline in advance at a lower price.

Buying overpriced insurance; many of the budget tourists know they have to check their auto insurers to be certain they are covered when hiring a car. And most of the times basic coverage will be provided. Some of the car rental company will warn you that the insurance might not cover everything and they tell you to buy the company additional policies that will help you yet these added insurance costs can double your expense, so be certain they are necessary before agreeing to make the purchase.

Getting car hire services at small offices; the high volume rental locations have vehicles, you might be upgraded in case they don’t have the model that you want, but chances are good you will get the vehicle quickly. With small companies, their fleet size is limited and you might spend hours waiting for the next return which has to be cleaned prior to delivery.

Reserving large rather small car; there is a time when a larger vehicle is about the same price as a small one. In such situations, many of the clients see the extra money as well spent. But when the pricing does exist, it’s always pays to reserve a smaller car most especially during the busy holiday travel periods.

More so, paying for expensive accessories; the frequently asked question is would you have a navigation system, many of the roads here are hard to follow. This is a common sales tactic and it works less often now than it did a few years ago. Currently many clients have got smart phones that are well equipped with the navigation system. This will try to save you on your trip.


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