Tricks to Help You Save on Self Drive safari

Self Drive Safari

If you are not strict enough, you may end up falling under very many traps ending up losing your money or getting a fake deal on a self drive car hire. So always be eager and understand well the company you are dealing with as well as the local people, if the following among other is put under your consideration, you won’t fall into car hire tricks.

  • Book in time with a genuine car rental company, once this is done, you won’t fall into any car hire trap, and booking in time can save you from being over charged since you are doing it in your convenient time to choose the best car you desire that will fit the number of people you will be traveling with and the budget. Last minute booking is too bad and it’s disappointing since you may end up booking with wrong people ending up getting a car of not your choice but because you are doing it at the last time you may end up in a trap. Early booking is advantageous as you may get the best deal and negotiation is better, so you may end up booking a car on a discounted rate which could be difficult on a rush.
  • Don’t accept extras when you arrive make sure that everything you need for a car hire is talked about and ticked before you arrive at the airport. This is better when you book in time with a car hire agency. So doing this will save you from the extras you don’t want/need, hence try to be strict on what you will need and not so that you cut on the traps and of course this will help you to save a lot and avoid extra charges
  • Also try and compare from different car rental companies about the services they offers before confirming with any Uganda car hire agency. Doing this will end you up getting a better deal you won’t even imagine. Uganda has very many car rental companies and many are offering the same service although at a different price, so search for what you need and contact different agency, you will end up getting a car at a cheap cost. However this is only possible if you do it in time before arrival. You should also communicate effectively with the travel car hire agency about the car, size, and number of doors, air conditioner, and the type of fuel among many others this will gives you an insight about what you are booking. Search also on the terms and conditions of hire because some companies do not guarantee the exact model you will get when you arrive at the airport, if this is done well, your safari will be a perfect one.
  • In case you will use a second driver, it’s better to report this to the car hire agency to avoid being charged. Most of the car hire companies accept and insures only one driver, so for any damage caused on the car by another person you will be entitled to pay. So to avoid extra charges talk to your car hire agency in time.
  • After agreeing on the car to use, it’s better to consult from your car hire agency about the car fuel type and consumption; this will help you to know the type and the fuel consumption. Do not accept to get your carto be fueled full take before arrive at the airport or at any point where you will find the car. This service is always offered at the time of picking the car. Most car hire companies offers un limited mileage so you should be assured of it in the deal when booking, and you should also know that the mileage offered does not push up your bill too much.
  • Always before you start off your safari with a rental car, check properly the car and see if it doesn’t have any damage. Report any damage you come across to the car hire agency and he/she should note down any damage found before you leave and if you can take photos of the car just in case before you set off to your destination, this will help you to avoid extra costs.
  • Avoid speed penalties that will cause you to fall into traps of extra charges, ask for the traffic rules and regulations and also the speed limit as traffic rules differ from country to country. Always obey with the laws governing the road to avoid unnecessary fines while on the road.
  • Pay in advance in order to confirm your booking; many other companies can give out the car you confirmed to another client if you have not booked with a deposit or full amount. So you may end up into troubles on the last minutes, something that may end you into extra charges to get the same car on the last minute. So to avoid all these confirm your booing in advance with a deposit or if possible, pay full amount the car will be full booked for you.

These among others if followed well, they will help you avoid falling into unnecessary traps/costs. For more information about car hire fleets and terms and conditions of hire check on our website


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