4 Amazing Uganda Parks for Night Game Drives

Night Safaris in Africa

Uganda is a Paradise with a number of riveting activities that are offered to the expectation and satisfaction of tourists who visit the country for safaris.  Night game drives are one of a kind, and recorded to be among the most fascinating and breathtaking activities that creates everlasting memories for a lifetime. While on this interesting activity , tourists get to chance to experience a spectacular sun downer before being driven to their designated view or picnic points, and sight a variety of wildlife species (nocturnal) such as the Lions, leopards, Genets, Hippos, Civets, porcupines, bush babies, night jars and numerous reptile species. Of all the 10 magnificent National parks where tourists can visit for Safaris activities such as wildlife safaris, mountain gorilla trekking, adrenaline packed activities and mountain climbing, Night game drives are conducted in only three Savannah Parks that include the Murchison Falls National Park (the oldest and largest Protected Area in Uganda), Lake Mburo National Park (the smallest Savannah National Park in Uganda) and Queen Elizabeth National Park (the second largest National Park in the country).

Murchison Falls National Park

In Murchison Falls National Park specifically, the activity is conducted in the vast open Savannah plains that extend to the Northern side of the Nile River, hence offering tourists with remarkable views of the nocturnal wildlife especially the Cats (carnivores) that tend to hunt in the late evening hours. The magnificent views of the Nile River in the moonlight are so rewarding and worthwhile. Expect to see animals like lions, leopards and spotted hyenas among others.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

In queen Elizabeth National park, the nocturnal game drives are undertaken in the popular Mweya peninsular situated between the spectacular Kazinga Channel and Lake Edward. This activity is however forbidden in the Kasenyi sectors to reduce the stress on the Wildlife because most tourists during safaris in this park tend to flock this particular sector for day game drives. Some of the nocturnal wildlife that can be seen during night game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park include the lions, the leopards, the spotted hyenas, the Mongooses, Civets, the Hippos and several serval cats.

Lake Mburo National Park

In Lake Mburo National park, the activity is carried out within its vast savannah plains that extend across the acacia woodland, hence rewarding expectant tourists with the remarkable views of the diverse nocturnal wildlife species such as the rare African hares, the occasional African lions, porcupines, the white Mongoose, the Honey badger, the serval cats, the bush pigs, the Genet cats, the spotted hyenas, the leopards, the thick-tailed Galago, the Civets, the black Galago, the Aardvark, the side-striped jackals and many others.  Besides the wildlife species, you are likely to see some of the Park’s nocturnal bird species such as the Verreaux’s Eagle-Owl, the Pennant-winged Nightjars, the Fiery-necked nightjars, the African Scops Owl and the White-tailed winged Nightjars among others.

Semuliki National Park

This is the pioneer park for the concept of night game drives in Uganda. The night game drives usually start from about 8:00pm and end at around 10:00pm and bookings are done just like for other tourist products at either the Uganda Wildlife Authority Headquarters or the National Park offices. Also, the activity can be conducted in the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) vehicles that are open-roofed and covered on top to provide protection and perfect views to the tourists on the night game drives or the vehicles of the Tour and Travel Companies and should be done in the company of an armed ranger guide in addition to a spot light torch. Believe it that night game drives are such exceptional encounters that allow tourists to explore the wildlife species and breathtaking landscapes under the stars of the tropical African Savannah National Parks.

Whereas the day game drives cost only $30 per person, the night game drives go for $40 for both foreign residents and foreign non-residents and Shs 40,000 per person for East African Community residents when using UWA vehicles and $100 per vehicle for both foreign residents and foreign non residents, and Shs 30,000 for private vehicles.

In conclusion, night game drives are one of the most interesting adventures conducted within Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park, and reward tourists with the views of nocturnal wildlife species such as Lions, leopards, spotted hyenas, side-stripped jackals, Civets, mongooses and Galagos among others.


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