Ugandan Survival Phrases

This page introduces you to Ugandan survival phrases. A glimpse into what the languages are about; giving you the basics you need to start learning Ugandan languages.

Learning a new language can be exiting especially starting with the survival phrases – they can be quite handy ice breakers, introducing you to the local community and into their day-today life and activities.

If you are planning to travel around Uganda; to live and work with the local communities, then learning the local language of the area is ideal.

These Ugandan survival phrases will teach you easy and simple expressions to help you get by in Uganda. They are quite simple to practice and are grouped as used in various situations and conversations.

Uganda is one of those countries that is quite blessed with lots of different local languages – let alone the different dialects within these languages. Throughout the Ugandan regions, different languages are spoken by different tribes and groups.

Note; that English and Swahili are the two official languages of Uganda as per the constitution – not that they are predominantly spoken, in fact some of the local languages are more spoken than these two – depends on where you are!

… And also, majority, if not all Ugandan languages are tonal in nature. They don’t have a specific word for ‘please’; There is a lot of expression and politeness read into the tone one uses. Quite often therefore, you will find Ugandans very soft spoken.