Fresh water in abundance – that is what Ugandan Lakes are all about. Uganda is affectionately endowed with water. In fact almost about 20% of the country is either lakes or covered with the flow of Ugandan rivers.

Away from the water; the scenery, the beauty, the freshness and the wonderful collection of the different species of fresh water fish will tell you how blessed we are and the love for our lakes is understandable.

Some of the best scenery in Uganda is seen along the shores of these lakes – If you have already been to Lake Bunyonyi, then you know what I am talking about, … and not just the beauty here, but the relaxing nature of the environment. In fact, I am biased to ask you to put this at the top of your list of places to visit.

… Just for a second, imagine yourself sitting at a lakeside beer garden along the shores, or bird watching at a nature area bird sanctuary right on the shore of some of these Ugandan lakes – You will be blown away. And if you are looking for a beach tropical vacation in the lovely sun, then there you have it.

Lake Victoria which is certainly one of Africa’s great lakes clearly stands out. It is shared by three countries (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and by surface area, is the largest on the continent, the largest tropical lake in the world and only second to Lake Superior in North America as the largest fresh water lake.

Along its shores, the scenery is magnificent! You might find yourself in Entebbe, Jinja or any other place that is close to the lake, take a stroll to the shores and enjoy the beauty.

Lake kyoga is another of the Ugandan lakes and is right in the centre of the country. It is quite large but a shallow lake (between 4 to 6 metres deep) with its shores extensively swampy wetlands with papyrus cover. It is a good habitant for crocs – Yes! Crocodiles. You could easily see them as they hover along with the floating papyrus islands.

Then Lake George in the west which beautifully twins up with Lake Edward to the southwest with the two connected by river Semliki.

And who could forget Lake Albert right at the border between Uganda and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), which forever sat there as a source of speculation until recently when a national treasure was discovered there – OIL. Yes! Uganda has got oil and the exploration process is already underway. The mighty Nile flows out of Albert as the Albert Nile on its way to the Southern Sudan.

There are quite a few other Ugandan lakes that you will find – probably you could also make some new discoveries; Lake Budongo, Lake Bujuku, Lake Katwe (known for its salt mines), Lake Kitandra, Lake Nyamusingire, Lake Mburo (Its shores and the surrounding areas are extensively occupied by the Lake Mburo National park), Lake Bisina … and the list goes on.

Whatever your imagination for these Ugandan lakes is; whether you are looking for a perfect Uganda vacation to enjoy the natural beauty at the shores or you want the waters with a blend of the friendly villages, camping as you enjoy the natural forests and or the life in the cities and towns; here you could quite easily have it all in one go.

And I have not even told you about the beautiful Ugandan islands you will find in these lakes – proper natural untapped greenery; the environment takes you back to what the universe looked like before man. Visit the Banda Island in Lake Victoria, you will love it.