Ugandan Maps

For whatever you want to use these Ugandan maps: – Do you want to know where to find some place? Do you need direction? Or are you simply lost and thinking of calling rescue ‘911’? With the help of google, these maps will make life easy.

It’s amazing how times change so quickly. Not long ago, not many knew where Uganda was but today we simply say; just google it! … and bang!, every detail is presented to you. Gone are the days of only satellite maps which probably only NASA had access to.

Right from simply knowing where Uganda is in the world to; finding your favourite restaurant down town Kampala, these maps will point you there.

1. So where exactly is Uganda? … If you simply google it, you will find it right in the heart of Africa. With its well positioned location, if you visited Uganda, you will purely have a feel of every bit of Africa – just like someone casually put it; ‘this is Africa in one’.

It sits at the equator with sunshine all year round which crowns its wonderful weather. It’s bordered by Kenya on the east, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) on the west, The Southern Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the south and Rwanda on the southwest.

2. Part of these series of Ugandan maps is the map of Kampala which should ably take care of all your frustrations of not finding your favourite restaurant, meeting point and more around the city.

As you plot your locations on the map, you can read about Kampala’s narrative here but also, there is more information about this vibrant city here.

Tips on how to use these Ugandan Maps;

  • Use the arrows to move up and down, left and right.
  • Use + and – to zoom in and out
  • You have options of viewing it as either; map, satellite imagery, terrain (which will show you the street maps) or the 3D imagery.

Here is an idea which works brilliantly; Using the zoom in and out, find the right scale that takes care of your areas of interest and then print it as a pdf file which you could bring along on your Ugandan Vacation – How cool is that?

3. See links to more Ugandan Maps of other cities and towns in Alphabetical order;

Click on the links below to navigate your way through these Ugandan maps… to the specific letter section; under the letter section, those with a link will provide you with a map of that city/ town/ municipality – go on then and click the link to find out more…