Eastern Region

The Eastern Region of Uganda – The agricultural hub and culturally vibrant

The Eastern Region of Uganda is yet another tribute to the spectacular historic magnificence of Uganda’s heritage and culture. The Kingdom of Busoga with its heritage and cultural sites stands out among other chiefdoms in the region.

With its selective beauty, this region receives probably the most foreign visitors in the country.

The enjoyable boat rides on the Nile, the kayaking and water rafting at Bujagali falls, The Bungee jumping, the magnificent scene of the Tororo rocks, the Mountain Elgon National Park – with its spectacular scenery and a variety of forest monkeys and antelopes, the Nyero rock paintings in Kumi and Mountain Moroto dot the region and attract visitors all year round.

The Sipi falls – arguably the most romantic falls in Africa, graces this region. I have got to fore warn you though, it’s quite steep and hilly and will take your resolute to trek! Otherwise, it’s a lovely trek through the forest trails and the mountain Elgon views are magnificent.

The glorious view of the valleys below will blow you away and for that relaxing atmosphere up on the slopes, you need not to worry about your stay. There are quite a collection of good accommodation lodges to cater for the long and short stays.

My personal observation is that it could get quite chilly and there fore go fore armed with a fleece or jumper to keep you warm.

…And of course, to crown the eastern region; standing out as one of the great geographical mysteries of the Victorian age – You’ve got to see the Source of the mighty River Nile. It is a stunning representation of this region that marks the Ugandan landscape.

…You don’t want to miss out on standing exactly where the first whiteman (John Speke) stood to view the mighty Nile and its source. There is an historical monument and it’s a great feeling to get there too. I can see you taking that historic ‘Kodak’ moment – go on…

The major towns include; Jinja, Iganga, Kamuli, Mbale, Soroti, Tororo, Kumi and more that fall within the respective eastern region districts. To date there are 32 districts in the eastern region many of which are hardly 10 years old.

Talk about Ugandan beer again! – This region continues to produce another of Uganda’s finest, the ‘Nile Special’ beer. Many love it – could it be the name?…. and a lot more other brands, the choice is yours.

The region is known for agriculture – with extensive production of Sugar cane – used in the production of sugar and rice. Coffee and cotton continue to be the backbone cash crops of the region. It is also famous for groundnuts (peanuts), sorghum, millet, sweet potatoes and mangos.

If you are the kind that loves fun and adventure, you will certainly love this region.