Northern Region

The Northern Region of Uganda

Plunged into war for more than 20 years, a war that started in 1987, the Northern region of Uganda is fast and finally putting that ugly history into the past.

Writing about this region will not be complete without me telling you a bit about what has been going on; especially amidst all the propaganda on the social media network – ‘KONY 2012’ in this case!

The lord’s resistance army rebel group (LRA) led by Joseph Kony, with no clear agenda but purportedly to establish a theocratic government based on God’s Ten Commandments as enshrined in the bible, has been fighting the Ugandan army for nearly 20 years, committing atrocities that have by far undermined the respect and existence of the human race.

Such atrocities led to massive population displacement, distorting and spoiling the economic activity and development of the northern region for all those years.

…But with Joseph Kony and the LRA now deposed to hiding in the forests of eastern DR Congo and also declared as a terrorist group and wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), total peace and calm has since returned to the northern region.

Its rich and alluring natural resources and scenery have been rediscovered bringing back another wonderful safari experience to all adventurous visitors.

This region presents some of the finest in game parks. It plays host to the Murchison falls National Park – the largest in Uganda with a massive collection of wild animals and the Kidepo National park – bird viewers will love this place with over 500 bird species to look out for.

The major towns include: Gulu, Arua, adjumani, Kitgum, Kotido, Apac, Lira and more that fall within the respective northern region districts. To date, there are 30 administrative districts in the region.

The region is generally fertile and known for agriculture like many parts of Uganda (apart from the north-eastern block, the Karamoja sub-region, which experiences periods of drought). There is massive investment into this region now; both by government and foreign investors, and the future can only be bright.

Come and see and be part of the rediscovery of this beautiful part of the country. It has an amazing lot to offer…and the people are wonderful!