Why Rent a Toyota Rav 4 for Self Drive in Uganda


Enjoy the best of your Uganda Car Hire the Toyota Rav4 is a reliable vehicle that you can use for your next trip. With self-drive tours currently becoming one most preferred option to explore Uganda, renting a 4×4 Toyota Rav4 should be a must-do. It is one of the best sport utility vehicles (SUVs) worth hiring for Uganda safaris to national parks, reserves or any remotest side of the country. Renting Toyota Rav4 is the best choice one can make especially if you are a couple with plan to go on family tour or you are interested in picnicking, self-drive, parties, city expeditions, weekend gateways among others.

Benefits of renting 4×4 Toyota Rav4 for self-drive in Uganda


Compared to other car hire options, 4×4 Toyota Rav4 are the cheapest. At only US Dollars 35-40, you can find a good and comfortable Rav4 rental car for your self-drive in Uganda. The rates may vary depending on the length of your trip. But it is affordable, comfortable, effective, robust and safe to travel with.

Adequate space

Toyota Rav4 is compact but comes with adequate space for luggage and for you to relax your legs. If you are a couple, no need to go for a Land cruiser or Prado or Van because, Toyota Rav4 has you sorted already.

Comfortable and stylish

Toyota Rav4 rental cars are available in different colors; blue, grey, red and black thus providing attractive appearance. They come with spacious interior thus allowing you have a comfortable road trip. They are also unique with comfortable clothe seats, fitted with FM radio, air conditioning, spare tyre, detailed roadmap, car jacket and jumper, MP3, CD player and a lot more.

Easy to manage

Aside from saving fuel, our Toyota Rav4 rental cars are easy to drive and manage. They are small in size and compact making steering and navigating around easier than if you used a big vehicle. Hire Toyota Rav4 and be rest assured of a safe and undisturbed road tour in Uganda.


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